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You probably didn't know that raw health supplement ingredients came in different grades and purities. It's OK, when we started ACS, we didn't know either. The fact is, everything from Vitamin A to Zinc is available in different grades at different prices.

By law, health supplement companies don't have to tell you the purity of the ingredients contained in their products... only the physical amount by weight of whatever grade they happen to be using.

Fact: Most of the popular "sold at pet stores" animal health supplements on the market today use active ingredients that are only 10% - 25% pure. They are "fast food" quality.

The scans below are the actual Certificates of Analysis which we receive from our raw ingredient manufacturers, to prove to us the quality we are purchasing. This is what you are paying for.

Why doesn't every health supplement company in the world show you these with great pride?

You know the answer.






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