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  Repair your dog's joint injuries
Relieve your dog's joint pain
Reduce joint inflammation
Strengthen muscles
Improve mood, cooperation and overall mobility
All natural - no side effects or interactions
Safe during breeding
Vet approved
Human grade active ingredients
Now with 5mg's of Flax per serving!
  Canine Motion
Mobility Formula for Dogs
90 Scoops - $34.90
Canine Motion
Mobility Formula for Dogs
270 Scoops - $98.90
Amounts per Scoop:
(1 Teaspoon = 3.51 Grams)
Glucosamine HCL
500 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate
400 mg
50 mg
Ascorbic Acid
50 mg


5 mg

0.5 mg

Serving Sized Based Upon Dog Weight
3.5g Serving Scoop Included

Dog Weight
 Serving Size

Under 20 lbs

1/4 scoop

20 - 40 lb.
1/2 scoop
40 - 80 lb.
1 scoop
80 - 120 lb.
2 scoops
Over 120 lb.
3 scoops

  Synergy is the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than
the sum of their individual effects.
Below is a list of our ingredients and their synergistic relationships.
Glucosamine HCL
and Ascorbic Acid
Stimulates the joint's collagen production which allows for increased cartilage growth and repair.
Chondroitin Sulfate, 
D-Biotin and L-Methionine
Replenishes the joint's synovial-fluid cushion and helps to strengthen the synovial membrane surrounding the joint which holds the fluid cushion in place.
and L-Methionine
Reduces joint inflammation (and resulting pain); helps to promote healthy muscles and a shiny coat; and dramatically improve overall hoof and nail health.
Flax For healthy Omega 3's
and Ascorbic Acid
Boosts the immune system; improves circulation; and detoxifies harmful elements from the blood vessels which can hinder effective nutrient absorption (anti-oxidant).
  In the supplement business there are two different concentrations (or grades) available for every possible
health supplement ingredient known to man, from vitamin-a to zinc. There is animal grade, which can be as low as 10% pure, and then there is human or pharmaceutical grade - which is +90% pure.
Guess which one we use? Click here to find out!

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