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It is with much sadness that I have to say on September 5, 2016 Takeo let Denise and I know that his pain was just too much to bear, and on September 6, 2016 he was set free from that pain.  I am still completely heartbroken over this. He was 14 years old.  He was three years old when we picked him up from the SPCA, and we cared for him for the past 11 years. I know I walked over 3,000 miles with him during that time. I truly believe with all my heart that during these past few years that Canine Motion has given him many many extra months for us to love on him. I will continue to brag about Animal Care Supplements whenever a conversation about pets arise. Thank you, Tarra, for your mission.
John and Denise Olewnik
Recently you donated several jars of Canine Motion to our silent auction. I bid and won one and would like to send you some feedback on how wonderful I think your product is! Turbo is our 11 year old German Shepherd (picture attached). He has suffered from arthritis for years and had trouble moving around, going up and down stairs, in and out of the car etc. 
       I have had him on your product for several months and he has shown drastic improvement! We recently went on an outing in our car and Turbo jumped into the backseat just like old times! I cannot rave enough about your product. Thank you for making Turbo's life better and mine happier as a result! Sincerely, Sue Rachall - GSDRH volunteer

I'm Nolan. I am a very happy 12 year old black lab. When I was 5 months old my mom was told that I had osteochondrosis. The specialist she took me to opened both of my elbow joints and cleaned out the extra bone chips. Then I had to live in a crate for a couple of months while I recuperated from the surgery. The specialist told my mom that by the time I was 4 or 5 years old she would have to put me down because the pain would be unbearable. He suggested that my mom put me on Cosequin, but honestly, she couldn't afford it. She tried giving me drug store glucosamine, but as I've gotten into my older years, it just didn't do the job anymore. Then my regular vet put me on Etogesic and Vitamin C, and my mom started giving me Cosequin again. That was about 2 years ago.
     Last fall my mom went to a Home Show where she met a very nice lady who told her about Canine Motion. She brought it home for me to try and within 3 days I could feel a difference. I started running and jumping around. My mom almost started crying when she could see how good I feel. My mom likes Canine Motion because she doesn't feel like she's giving me so many drugs, and it's less expensive too! I've outlived my predicted life expectancy by over 200%. We're going for at least 300% now! Thank you ACS!!!

I have wanted to write for many years now to tell you how great we think Canine Motion is.  Caboka has been on Motion for close to five years now .  When we started he was diagnosed with a partially torn cruciate ligament, and now that he is older, the normal aging arthritis has set in.  With Motion, he still runs and plays with our other two younger dogs and you'd never know there was any problems.  On the few occasions that we have run out before we've had a chance to replenish our canister, within a few days Caboka is limping and laying around again. There is such a difference with your product.
       When our vet retired and the new one took over, she was astonished to hear that Caboka is 12 years old, she told us that his actions and looks made her think he was at least four years younger!  She said "whatever you're doing, keep it up"!  Thank you ACS for your concern for making a natural and wonderful product.        

Trixie Just dropping you a note to let you know that Trixie is doing great on your supplement! The stiffness and weakness in her back legs are almost gone. She is not plodding along behind me anymore when we go for walks. We have been walking more often now that the weather is warmer and she is doing so well. She even tries to jog a little! That alone tells me how much stronger her legs are and she has so much more energy. Thank you for your product and for answering my previous emails. I am very pleased with Trixie’s progress. I am so impressed with your supplement that I sound like your PR person!  I have recommended it to 3 of my friends. Just think, you are rescuing dogs and providing them a better quality of life. Thanks again. - Suzan K

Charlie Charlie, our two year old Brittany Spaniel, has experienced stiffness in his back and legs since he was only a few weeks old. We tried several different medications and supplements to relieve his pain, including some prescribed by our local Veterinarian, but none appeared to restore his normal functions or completely relieve the pain. One of our neighbors gave us a few scoops of your Canine Motion which she purchased off your internet site. We used the product for a couple of weeks and it seemed to help. We really noticed the difference once we ran out of the supplement and the stiffness returned. We since then have placed an order and charlie is once again doing fantastic. Canine Motion is definitely the best thing we have found and it is available without a prescription or added Veterinarian fees! Thanks so much. We will continue to endorse your products without reservation. - Jim VanLuven

I have an 11 yr old mini longhaired Dachshund who was accidentally run over by a golf cart.  He constantly wanders to the far reaches of the back yard (10 acres) and was unable to get back home, he barked for a ride. VERY annoying. He's been on the Canine Motion supplement for a little over a week & I no longer have to go rescue him, I can call him from the backyard & he comes running all pleased with himself. He actually runs beside the golf cart now, rather than riding in it. It's truly amazing. He's even happier in general. Now if we could just stop the barking! - Debbie Indence

Zoe This is a note to thank your company for creating such an amazing product, and for being so supportive of my attempts to make Zoe better.
     Zoe is almost 11 years old, with a very active mind, playful, and affectionate. A year ago she started showing signs of arthritis. She was stiff in the morning, and limping more and more. The vet put her on Metacam, a product with side effects, and very expensive. Metacam did not help at all, although we used at least 3 bottles. After spending over $1000 in x-rays, blood tests etc., we decided to put an end to this, and went on the Internet, where I came across your product. Within weeks the limping was gone.
     Zoe has been on it since January, and she never limped again. She's back to chasing squirrels, and jumping over the fence to visit the neighbors' backyard. We are back to long walks, so we are back in shape too thanks to her, and to you. I hope my little note will encourage other dog owners to give your product a try, so that they can enjoy having their dogs around for while longer.
- Mandy Rattner

Stacey Stacey, our 9 year old Sheltie (pointed), injured her knee approx. 5 years ago - ending her show career. We have tried several joint products through the years, but nothing seemed to work. The next step would have been steroids and with all the health problems they can cause we needed to find something else. We found out about Canine Motion through a friend. I took the product to my vet who looked over the ingredients and their amounts. He gave me the OK to use it and even said it was safe enough to use during breeding. Stacey, who didn't feel like doing much at all, now likes to go outside again and walk around the yard and get some exercise and she does this without limping! Thanks for making such a safe and effective product. Sincerely, - Lori Wilson - Mystix Shelties

Niko This stuff works great for our GSP, Niko. He was found abandoned on a small island on the Snake river - skin and bones, riddled with ticks, and a knee injury. After failing to find his owner, we adopted him. Nursing him back to health did nothing for his knee, which turned out to be a cartilage injury. Surgery was beyond our budget and came with no guarantee. Trying to keep him 'quiet' was torture. Your supplement did the trick. No more gimping! Sometimes when I look at my flower beds I wish he was still limping, but it's nice to see him jetting around without pain. Thanks, - Alexandra Olson

Sheba after 4 weeks of using Canine Motion This is our baby Sheba. She was abandoned in the parking lot of my office building. She was very scared and could barely walk. Her fur was sparse, dry and brittle and coming out in clumps. She reminded me of Wyle E. Coyote in the Road Runner cartoons! She was favoring her back right leg; not even allowing it to touch the ground. The veterinarians who checked her out said that she is a Keeshond – Chow mix, about 5 years old. They also said that her leg was probably injured at some point and that arthritis had set in pretty bad. 
    We took her home and started her on your supplement right away. My mother had been giving Canine Motion to her beagle that had been badly hurt after getting hit by a car, and it worked so well for her that getting it for Sheba was a no–brainer! Within about 3 weeks we saw a difference. She wasn't limping anymore and her fur was getting soft and lush. Just look at those pictures! Now she shows absolutely no signs of arthritis or of her injury and her fur is gorgeous! She runs and plays and is the happiest dog we've ever seen! Thank you so much! 
Very truly yours, - Dave, Veronica and Sheba Compton

Mollie is our 11 year old Jack Russell who has had some disabling tendon and ligament damage to her left knee. She is a typical JR, and likes to jump regardless of the consequences. She still makes great leaps, bad knee and all.
    When she was injured, rather than giving her Rimadyl, the alternative chosen was a supplemental Glucosamine product obtained from the vet. There was some improvement but she was still limping noticeably and not very active. In searching the Internet for information, I found your product Canine Motion, which she started taking last month. She seems to be a lot more agile now and her limp has completely disappeared. I have nothing but praise for Canine Motion. Thank you for developing this fine product.
- Patricia Smith

Monty Here is Monty. Since the introduction of CANINE MOTION 2 Months ago we have noticed a big difference in his mobility. In December 03 he was diagnosed with elbow displacia in his front right leg, this meant cutting down on his excercise and resting more. The Vet prescribed Metacam, of which I have read that too high a dosage can cause liver problems. We cut the dosage of Metacam and introduced CANINE MOTION, and we now have Monty back to virtual full mobility and walking regularly 4 miles a day. A big thank you to ACS and Canine Motion, from MONTY. - David Walker

Jackyl Here is the picture of Jackyl that I took today. As you can see he is a beauty. I can't thank you enough for the joint supplements. It has made him like a brand new dog. He finally doesn't cry when he gets up from lying down for a long time, and he is much more active than before. Again, Thank you for everything!!! - Tara Bortz & Jackyl (woof!!!)

Bella This is Bella. Because she is so hyper and bolts around all over she is constantly re-injuring her back legs. With your Canine Motion, I feel she has been able to bounce back much quicker when she hurts herself. Also, with the Vet saying that degenerative arthritis is inevitable, I know that this is an important supplement for her as she is only 2! Thanks a bunch and I hope that your product stays on the market. 

~ Bridget Connor

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