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     Formed in March of 2000, Animal Care Supplements has been helping animals and their owners live happier, more active lives for over 14 years. With loyal customers from all around the world, ACS is devoted to producing the safest and most effective animal supplements found anywhere, with the certificates of analysis and real life testimonies to prove it.

     If you have never heard of us, it's because we pride ourselves on our "word of mouth" method of advertising. While "the big guys" spend tens of thousands of dollars annually on TV commercials and magazine ads, we prefer to let our products do all our talking. This allows us to offer you a superior product at an affordable price. The money you spend goes into our products, not to some advertising agency, TV station, or publication. We simply show you the facts, sell you a jar, and then wait for you to tell your friends and family. Who told you about us? It certainly wasn't the television.

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Animal Care Supplements was among the first in the industry to become AAFCO compliant. The AAFCO was formed to provide a mechanism for developing and implementing uniform and equitable laws, regulations, standards and policies; resulting in safe, effective, and useful products.  



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