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     Because we believe in preventative maintenance, we have always given our horses a feed-thru joint supplement.  Our personal horses have been on either Corta-Flex or Absorbine Plus for as long as I can remember, and they are all young and sound enough where I never expected to see a difference in their way of going if they were on or off their supplement. 
     Debbie, the owner of Fieldstone Farm, was doing research on supplementing the diet of an EPSM horse and came across Equine Motion Plus. When she contacted you and was offered a free trial,  She of course took it ;) and arbitrarily picked a few horses in the barn to start giving it to in place of their other joint supplement.
     On the third day after the switch was made, I was surprised to see a significant difference in the freedom of movement and overall flexibility of the horses that I thought had been given Equine Motion Plus.  I was able to tell Debbie which ones had received it even though I was not 100% sure of who she had chosen.
     Since our horses are all very sound and nice movers regardless, I was interested to see some differences in them that I would not have attributed to being possibly affected by a joint supplement.  Many of the small training issues those horses had been manifesting disappeared.   Each of them began the training session more enthusiastically and was able to get down to work quicker.  After being on Motion Plus for a short time some of our younger horses have easily progressed up a level in their training.  It is obviously aiding in their recovery time from intense work.  Incidentally, the EPSM horse Debbie had originally researched this product for is doing wonderfully on it and shows an improvement in his gait asymmetry. 
     As a result, we are switching all of our horses from Corta-Flex and Absorbine Plus to Equine Motion Plus with Selenium and Vitamin E.  We previously added selenium, as North Carolina is a selenium poor area, so now we can eliminate adding one more thing at feed time, always a welcome change!  We are excited about spending our preventative dollars on a supplement that undeniably makes a difference for our horses, and can only imagine what a positive change Equine Motion Plus could make for a horse that was actively experiencing arthritis. 

~ Gayle Dauverd - Trainer - Fieldstone Farm 
(picture featuring Amy and Denali)

Fox  Last night - for the first time since I have owned Fox - I noticed he was feeling real "Foxy", so I started to play with him in his lot and he started to trot! So I kept playing with him to see what he could do, the next thing I knew he was running full speed kicking and jumping, I was totally stunned to say the least! The last time I had the vet come out he called his injury "very serious" and gave him only a 40% chance of being ridden again. 
      I am very pleased with the way Fox feels now. He runs around like the pain is gone and I contribute his actions mostly from your Equine Motion Plus. 

~ Fran Potter

Bonzo Since my old show horse Bonzo, who is 27 years old, has been on Motion - I can notice a difference in him. Whenever he is turned out he trots around, and was feeling so good one day that he even let out a buck! Just wanted to say thanks.

~ Lynda Rosenthal


    You folks saved a beautiful Paint Gelding from being put down. He was in such bad shape that we had already made arrangements to have him buried. After starting him on your Equine Motion XB with Extra Biotin within 2 weeks he was doing great! After 30 days he was almost perfect. By the end of the first jar it was like nothing was ever wrong with him! Our trainer Bob Anderson of Guysville Ohio was the one who found out about your product, and you gave us a 60 day supply and guaranteed it would help. Thank you again for saving our granddaughter's horse. Sincerely,

~ Bruce and Dorothy Nutt

Bucky      We are extremely pleased with your product. Our older horse was showing signs of arthritis and stiffness - now he plays, bucks, and rolls like he is a colt. It  is amazing!
     Our other one had problems with his feet drying and cracking. The farrier says that his feet have improved tremendously. 
     The nice thing about your supplement is that we are able to use one supplement for both animals. Thank you for all your research and hard work.

     Just wanted you to know how much my retired 22 year old quarter horse Luke loves your Equine Motion XB. He has been receiving it since May of 2001 after severely grass foundering. Until August he was on Bute and unable to walk like a real horse, just moving one front foot, then moving the other to line up with the first, in an ever so slow and painful way. But he is now fully recovered, although on permanent maintenance for the founder, and moving well (his joints did not move this well even before he foundered!). 
     Thanks for helping Luke have some real quality of life. He was running around his small dirt lot yesterday, while the whole family looked on and laughed at his antics. For an animal who was almost dead last May, he's doing terrific!
~ Sarajane Steinecker

Max      I can't believe the difference we can see in Max since he's been on Equine Motion! Carly and him are jumping full courses and she even got a Grand Champion in the Junior Division last week. Thanks again for making such an amazing product!

~ Sandi Martin


      I finally caught up with my farrier and asked him about my horse's hooves. He said that they have dramatically improved in the last few months.  He used to complain that her hooves were very cracked and I was constantly putting a topical treatment on them but with not much success.  Actual chunks of hoof used to break off.  When I told him that I had been using your new supplement (Equine Motion XB), he said "Well that explains it.  I was wondering about the improvement and certainly that supplement has helped".  In addition to her hooves looking good, the supplement keeps her sound.  She is almost 18 years old and when I recently had her massaged, the equine masseuse also remarked on the good shape she is in and said she is a very young 18 year old!  I expect her to keep going for another 18 years with the help of Equine Motion XB along with the general good care that she receives, regular shots, worming, etc. Thanks again for your fine product.

~ Ellie Joos

Cafar      Just wanted to let you know that my 26 year old Arabian gelding, Cafar, has been feeling really good since I put him on your Equine Motion. I can't believe the difference! Thanks for making such a great product.

~ Carol Schmelz


Hey Guys! 
     I'm getting our barn hooked on this terrific product. We have older school horses that have been going gimpy for so long that are now virtually sound. It is such a joy to watch the transformation! Thanks again and talk with you soon.
~ Julie Stephenson

Tiny      This is Tiny, our Percheron mare. Since she has been on Motion - it seems as if her stiffness is being relieved. She always wanted to walk - but now she's pretty frisky! She trots, lays down on occasion, and even tries to buck once and a while! We couldn't be more pleased with her and the results. We knew that she was suffering and we're happy to see her feeling better. Just wanted to say thanks.
~ Debbie and Tom Mays


     Just thought you would like to know, my daughter Meghan's pony TROTS out to the pasture in the morning, and when we let her off the line, she runs around throwing her head, and I just noticed tonight that she's picking up her back legs when she turns (no plant and pivot). So I couldn't wait to get in here and e-mail you. You can give yourself a little pat on the back    ... the other supplements didn't seem to be worth it. There wasn't a noticeable difference in the way she moved. We cannot believe the difference in her after just a couple weeks of using Equine Motion. We're so impressed that I didn't hesitate to buy this 12 year old who's just been ridden too hard and not taken care of properly. Anyway, if it works this well on an old lady, I can't wait to see what it'll do for him!  Thanks again!
~ Missy Pies

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